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  • Person - Centered

    We work with clients to design care & support around their needs so that they remain firmly in-charge of everything.

  • Nutritionally Checked
    Fine Dining

    Dining is designed to be a gastronomic. All our menus are nutritionally checked and our food is freshly prepared.

  • Pleasant Homely

    We continually review our property not only to ensure high standards of maintenance but also to provide a pleasant, homely and stimulating environment.


Welcome to Quality Care Services Peterborough


Quality Care Services provides domiciliary care supporting people who require living-in care, day & overnight care, younger adults over the age of 18 with learning disabilities, people over the age of 65 with physical frailty, Dementia care and other types of mental & physical health problems.

Quality Care Services ensures that people are supported in a safe, respectful and dignified manner but also encouraging independence within in their own home setting and continue to live a fulfilled meaningful life.

Quality Care Services is also dedicated in supporting hospitals, Domicilary Care and district nurses with the ever-growing aging population and the overwhelming number of patients currently in our hospitals across the UK

Our Team

Israel Erik Eyeregba

Owner and Director

Level 1-5 diploma Health & Social
BSE Electrical Engineering


Ronnie Lane

Service Manager

Level 1- 5 Diploma Health & Social
Level 4 Management & Leadership
2 previous Outstanding ratings with CQC
Twice Regional Winner for the National Care Awards
Twice runner up for the Final National Care Awards


Fatima Seidi


Level 1- 3 diploma Health & Social

Social Life and Leisure

We believe that social and leisure aspects of life are an integral part of care, which should be all about achieving maximum independence and helping people to have some fun!

Need an advice?

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CQC Report

Types of Care Explained

It's important that you understand the type of care you need before you make the step of choosing a Domicilary Care that is right for you. If at any stage you have questions about care and the options open to you, whether at Quality Care Services Peterborough or anywhere else, call us on 01733 396166, and our dedicated staff will be happy to help.

Residential Care

The term residential care refers to the delivery of personal care within a residential setting. It is for those who can no longer manage living on their own even with assistance from home care agencies or relatives. Residents can expect 24 hour assistance with washing & bathing; dressing, getting in and out of bed, eating meals, using the bathroom, taking medication, making drinks and snacks, and more.

The above are just a few types of the help that Quality Care Services Peterborough provides. Clients can expect to live in a comfortable environment where they can feel at home, have their meals freshly prepared and laundry and cleaning taken care of. Above all, carers are there not just to deliver personal care, but to support our clients' social and emotional needs, so their lives are enhanced instead of feeling lonely or isolated.

Nursing Care

Nursing care is the same in its approach as residential care, with the additional benefit of round-the-clock assistance from a qualified nurse. Those who have spent long periods in hospital are usually assessed as needing nursing care. Each resident who requires our Nursing Care Service benefits from the same in-home facilities available to the Residential residents. The fees charged in nursing homes are usually higher than those in residential homes; however the NHS makes a nominal contribution towards these fees for the nursing aspect of the care provided.

Respite Care

Respite care is available for individuals who need short term care for between one to four weeks to enable a full time carer to have a rest or holiday, or in the event that the carer themselves becomes ill temporarily. Some Domicilary Care have rooms specifically reserved for respite care; other homes only offer this service if there is a vacant room available. Respite care can be provided as a one off stay or for more frequent stays.

Sometimes on discharge from hospital, many people require additional care to start the recovery process. Some individuals or families require the services of a Domicilary Care and would like to try for a short period to ensure the resident is comfortable before making a longer-term commitment.

Dementia Care

The term "dementia" is used to describe the symptoms that occur when the brain is affected by specific diseases and conditions. Symptoms include loss of memory, confusion, problems with speech and understanding and differ from person to person.